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for the perfect building to suit your needs
for the perfect building
to suit your needs

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Lee Fewell
"the Barn guy"

Lee 'the Barn guy' Fewell

Lee is your "barn" expert. Let him help you find just the right building to suit your needs. Barn, shop, garage, shed for your toys, RV cover, you name it, Lee can get it!

Pole Barn

A "Pole Barn",  sometimes referred to as a post frame building consists of a treated wood structure, with metal panels on top.


The galvanized metal structure with trusses fabricated in Sulphur with our metal panels on top.


A "Rigid" building is typically referred to a red iron building, which consist of a the strongest metal structure available, with metal panels on top.

Metal Roofing

If it's a "metal roof" for your house, trailer or existing structure you want, Lee can also help you find exactly what you need!

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Lee Fewell

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